Brian Finucane

People Before Profit Alliance election candidate for North Kerry

Brian Finucane is a community activist and member of People Before Profit Alliance in Kerry.

Brian first became involved in community activism when he joined the campaign against household and water charges in 2011. Subsequent to this he became a member of People before Profit and established the PBP Listowel branch which has evolved into the home for PBP Kerry. In his early activism career Brian campaigned against cuts to cancer patients’ medical cards, protesting against charges for septic tanks, and promoting public challenge to the universal social charge, amongst other issues. Brian campaigned with PAYE workers to protect existing right of access to state pension.
In more recent times, as an active member of PBP locally and nationally, and having run as a candidate in the local elections in 2014, Brian has promoted, organised or participated in a number of campaigns that represent key issues for the community, for marginalised groups, and for those sectors of society that are most harshly impacted by austerity.
In line with PBP values Brian believes in a fair and just society that promotes equality for all. He supports demands for a fair financial contribution from corporations and super rich, an increase in corporation tax rates and the abolition of practices that enable tax avoidance, as well as greater accountability and transparency for financial institutions.
In addition, Brian promotes the retention of public ownership of state assets, the provision of services in response to need rather than wealth and the introduction of a truly democratic system that represents the views of the people and is accountable to the people. As a resident of Kerry Brian is also particularly keen to promote the protection of and investment in rural Ireland.
As well as being a PBP activist, Brian also founded, and is the current PRO of the Right2Water Kerry campaign, part of the international Right2Water movement to have water recognised as a human right, and calling for the abolition of domestic water charges.

PBP is renowned nationally for fighting on campaign issues and building up grassroots movements. PBP will bring new ideas and campaigning politics to the constituency of Kerry and Brian Finucane commits to being a true representative of, and totally accountable to, the people of Kerry.

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